YarT Photography presents Second edition //  3-10 January 2013

Photography Workshop in Moscow with Davide Monteleone (VII Photo Agency)

Moscow is a modern, dynamic and fascinating city. Being a great mix of Soviet era heritage, Orthodox religion and latest ambitious projects, the capital of Russia is the best travel destination for discovering the mysteries of contemporary Russia, with its innumerable faces. Moscow is so fast-paced that people call it “the city that never sleeps”.

At the same time Moscow with its strange mood – a mix of slavic and asian cultures, of old russian and post-soviet architecture is also one of the most longed-for places of interest for all photography lovers.

Moscow is like a pearl – most interesting things are hidden.

That’s why we are proud to involve the photographer Davide Monteleone as a teacher during this unique photography experience. Monteleone is young and talented photojournalist from VII Photo Agency working for years not only in Moscow but all over Russia. Among his most famous projects there are “Dusha” (“Russian Soul”), a photographic journey through Russia, and Russian Caucasus, a long lasting series dedicated to the vast territory torn by national conflicts.

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We are convinced that the best way to explore Moscow is with a local guide and the best way to learn photography is a good teacher and the big challenge!

The particular characteristics of this one-week full immersion workshop is a strong attention to the practical aspects of the profession.

The goal is to learn the process of storytelling with photographs, to develop and preserve the personal vision in the professional work and to produce an elaborate photo essay about the city.

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